Black is the new black

Black coffee opens up a world of opportunities to the coffee drinker. There are so many options.

Writing off black coffee is like only using your iPhone to make phone calls. There’s so much more to do. The opportunities are endless. I mean, have you ever asked Siri to beatbox? That’s a day changer.

Check out Laura's guide: How to drink black coffee and genuinely enjoy it. 

Laura Robertson
Coffee: the beginning of all good things

"I mean, in a lot of ways, you see your barista more than you see your mum. And that's kind of cool, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that your mum isn't cool. She's probably a lovely lady."

Check out Laura Robertson's thoughts on the special bond between customer and barista. 

Laura Robertson
Embrace the Filter

When travelling, it's important to get your priorities in order. 

Here's Laura Robertson's guide to finding amazing coffee in the United States.

Laura Robertson
The Inaugural Latte Art Throwdown

“Eye of the Tiger” has been on repeat for a while now. There are baristas everywhere doing stretches and star jumps. They might as well be wearing activewear.

Laura Robertson recounts the glory that was our Inaugural Latte Art Throwdown. 

Laura Robertson
Of course it’s personal. It’s business.

We have all heard the expression. “It’s not personal - it’s business.” It’s an interesting expression and one that can be thrown around without much thought. When you get down to it though, being in business is being in direct contact with people. Jemima Gleeson shares her thoughts on the importance of people in business. 

Jemima Gleeson