People who don't like doughnuts are weird.


Let's talk about Doughheads. 

Does anybody not like doughnuts?

I mean, really?  

It’s kind of like how everyone universally likes Fridays. Or getting that unexpected rostered day off. Or how everyone secretly kind of likes to have an ugly photo of their friend. Just for safe keeping (or to post online at various occasions throughout their life)

Here’s some things I know...

People like doughnuts. Don’t ask me why or how I know this, it’s just a fact. It’s freaking science, mate. 
So naturally, when Doughheads came on the scene a few years back,

we were all like “Woah this is the meaning of life”

and they were like “Yeah we know, right?”

and then we were like “Wanna be friends?”

and they were like “Yeah, ok”.

And that’s how it all started (kinda).

Coffee and doughnuts is the Beyonce and Jay Z of the hospitality world. I mean, could there be a better union? Doubtful. Very doubtful. Anna and the Doughheads team have somehow managed to perfect the humble doughnut and also make really good coffee to go with it.


So here’s my question to you: have you tried Doughheads yet?

If not, I have another question for you: ARE YOU OK? REALLY?  

If you're a Coastie, it's worth the drive.

If you're a Novocastrian, well, you already know all about it.  

Doughheads are really, really freaky good. And we love that they are part of our Glee Coffee family.

Check them out here

Laura Robertson