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Coffee Supply

At Glee Coffee, our relationship with our suppliers, wholesalers and customers is paramount. We want you to feel like part of the family.

Our product speaks for itself. We personally source, roast, cup, bag and deliver our coffee. All our green bean is ethically sourced and exported to ensure we support the farms which produce our coffee.

Why choose Glee Coffee? Because we love seeing other businesses succeed and we love working with other rad people. We're in it for the long haul - we train and mentor our customers because we want every single cup to taste amazing and we want you to succeed. 

If you love people, love specialty coffee and think Glee Coffee Roasters would be a good fit for your business, then we would love to hear from you.

We think we are pretty rad. But If you need a little more convincing...

Anna // Doughheads
Newcastle, NSW

"Right from day one, Jesse has looked after us like family. He took the time to ensure our businesses were the right fit for each other, that our installation went as smoothly as possible and that our baristas had access to the right training and ongoing education. Since the beginning, we've felt supported and encouraged in every aspect our our relationship with Glee Coffee"

Luke & Georgia // the Boy and the Rose
North Avoca, NSW

"Glee Coffee became part of our first experience and memory of opening our business. Every time we started to run out of more coffee they were right there to stock it up. To seeing their smiling faces while Luke and I were getting smashed behind the machine filled us with gratitude and absolutely lit up our day."

Sarah // the Market Place
RObina, QLD

"I love that as they expand and grow, they are not willing to compromise their core business...I know that if we had chosen another roaster, we would not have had the ongoing support and encouragement that Glee Coffee have given us."

Gerald & Josie // Mr. O
Cessnock, nsw

"The accounts are simple, deliveries are reliable and the product is just fantastic...

it isn’t just about the sale to them. They are so passionate about coffee and extend that to us and our staff. They go beyond to help train and maintain the equipment which gives us peace of mind and saves us a lot of money."

Lauren // Common Circus
Newcastle, NSW

"I loved their aesthetic and culture. It was important to me that they were enthusiastic about coffee, but also about people and the joy a coffee experience should bring. Their values and morals matched mine...Glee Coffee has made what could have a very stressful part of the business seem like we always have someone constantly there to help, answer questions and are always ‘on call’. They have our back - that's for sure."