Tips For Coffee Lovers Traveling to USA

We’d like to dedicate this article to our beloved brother and friend, Simon, who loved coffee. A lot. He belonged everywhere and nowhere. He was an Irish-Aussie-American, who will be dearly missed. Hope you’re enjoying the heavenly brews up there brother.

In September, some of our family got to head to USA for our roaster (and brother/friend) Nick’s wedding. It was a magical time, and pretty radical to have so many family and friends invade Columbus, Ohio for one week of celebration. We love our new American sister friend Madeline.

We joined forces with our dear friends Glen (My Millennial Money) and Laura (Lala Social Club) to give you all our tips for finding good coffee in USA.


Yes. They are dreamy. And yes, it was magical.

But love aside, we know the conundrum of trying to find good coffee in a foreign land, the land of the free. We had some amazing coffee experiences in America, we’d love to share them with you. If you have any tips we’ve missed, please let us know! We’re always on the hunt for good coffee.

So, here goes!

Los Angeles, CA


Beth: The Stumptown cold brew is one of the actual best. They roast on site, and it’s a massive operation. Staff are fun and keen to talk all things coffee.

Intelligentsia, Pasadena

Beth: The vibe is killer. The merch is all time. We had a wicked filter here. *note to self it’s about the coffee, not the merch..

Nashville, TN


Beth: One of our all time fave spots in Nash. When our family business doubled as a family band (that’s another story) we did a couple mid-west trips. Crema was our daily saviour.

Sump Coffee

Ben: The guys roast in-house, and use a pretty epic scientific method. A great find.

Columbus, OH

Fox in the Snow

Beth: These guys run an in-house bakery, and the pastries are freaking incredible. There’s a line out the door most days. They have two locations in Columbus. Coffee is strong, and good.

Mission Coffee

Glen: It’s a great coffee, very solid and bankable and they obviously take it seriously. It’s good for working as you may trip from a power cord and feel out of place if you don’t have a MacBook (I use Surface!)

Upper Cup Coffee

Beth: This is the locals spot if you live in Gahanna or Old Town East. Lots of great single origins and bangin’ doughnuts. Also, our brother Simons’ haunt for ‘work’ i.e. talking to people. It’s the first spot he took us when we landed.

New York City, NY

Sey Coffee, Williamsburg

Chris: This was my favourite coffee of our whole trip! Beautiful filter options, more gentle and easy-to-drink. Plus the space is really special. Natural light, a peaceful spot.


Laura: Run by Aussies, this tiny cafe is a safe place to get an espresso (finally!). For those Australians craving a good ol’ fashioned flat white, you can find a really really good one here. You might even spot some Australian roasted coffee on the shelves too!

Devocion, Williamsburg

Glen: The atrium vibe here is so unique and you can tell it’s a place for regulars. The lady making my pour over was showing it so much love I felt she may come and help me sip it. That’s what you want from your barista.

Toby’s Estate, Brooklyn

Glen: Toby’s woolly blend (apart from Glee obvs!) is my favourite in Australia so it was only natural I spent many hours working from here. Pro tip: they pretty much have a full service kitchen which is so rare at many great coffee roasters in the USA. “Toby’s breakfast” was so Aussie it felt like home and had unlimited batch brew! Yass.

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Glen: This was Simon’s favourite coffee in NYC. They have 5 locations across NY and NJ. Retro industrial goodness.

Egg Shop

Glen: Really cool menu. Healthy bowls and hearty meals. Coffee is ok but the food and space is worth the visit for sure! (Not to be confused with Egg which is a Southern Style breakfast place that also looks really cool)


Le Botaniste - Soho

Beth: As recommended by our Aussie-American gal Emma, this place does some incredible slow wholefoods. Vegan curries, salads and all the good stuff.

Walters - Brooklyn

Beth: Awesome menu. This spot has a kind of new school diner vibe.. Intimate and chilled. Really great meats. Plus a secret passage to a back door Japanese whiskey bar. Win!

Lunatico  - Williamsburg

Laura: A little jazz bar with strong margaritas and insanely talented musicians! Actually one of our favourite spots in NYC.

Joe’s Shanghai

Laura: Voted New York’s best dumplings, Joe’s Shanghai is a must visit if you love Chinese food. Look out for celebs and watch them try to eat dumplings gracefully.

**Check out Laura’s personal Google Maps list of places to go in NYC. It’s not exhaustive, but there’s plenty there for you to do when you visit the Big Apple!

Portland, OR

Proud Mary

Nick: Always nice to find a few Aussies when you’re in the States. These guys have done a great job.

Case Study Coffee

Nick: These guys have locations in Portland. They roast and supply all over. We were stoked to find this one.

San Francisco, CA

Sightglass Coffee

Nick: The fit out was mint and the coffee was great! One of the real standouts of the trip for me.

Orlando, FL

Deeply Coffee

Glen: This is crazy… I’m not sure what it was about this place, but I spent a week in Orlando and took a $50 return Uber to get a coffee from there four times. It was weirdly one of my favourite places in the USA as the coffee was so delicious and all the staff were really friendly. I did spend a lot of time working from there, I shall return!

Lineage Coffee Roasting

Glen: I visited Lineage and it was the friendly staff member who put me on to Deeply. Equally as good coffee, and it felt more busy. It’s on a main road, not as CBD-esque as Deeply. I would have returned but it was just that little bit further from where I was staying. I did enjoy a Guatemalan single pour over here, twice!

So that’s pretty much it! When you come across some glorious American gems, we’d love to know about it for next time.

Until then… let us leave with you a few snaps of that time Glen spent his money on some lucky millenials, with a sunset chopper ride over NYC. No biggie.

Stay caffeinated friends.

The folks at Glee, Lala Social and My Millenial Money.

Beth Gleeson