Black is the new black

Black is the New Black

How to drink black coffee & genuinely enjoy it

Recently there was an earthquake in Japan that led to a huge international coffee crisis: no Bonsoy. People were manic. Each morning, all those avid soy latte drinkers were choking back tears. One day I had to tell a lady that we only had Vitasoy & I thought I was going to get bitch slapped.

In a day and age where many people are trying to avoid dairy products, the long list of milk alternatives that cafes must have is startling. There’s soy, almond, coconut, rice, lactose free, macadamia & cashew milk. I recently saw a bottle of quinoa milk and started to die immediately. (Those poor, defenceless ancient grains. People can be so heartless.)

I recently saw a bottle of quinoa milk and started to die immediately.

Trust me, I understand wanting to avoid dairy. A wise man named Ron Burgundy once said “Milk was a bad choice”. And 60% of the time he is right every time.

But here’s my humble advice for those of you who wish to cut out may shock you and cause you to ask some existential questions. It pushes the boundaries, but that’s the kind of girl I am.

The solution is simple: Drink black coffee.

Now, before you close this webpage and throw your phone at a brick wall in a fit of dairy-free rage, hear me out.

Black coffee opens up a world of opportunities to the coffee drinker. There are so many options! Writing off black coffee is like only using your iPhone to make phone calls. There’s so much more to do. The opportunities are endless. I mean, have you ever asked Siri to beatbox? That’s a day changer. (You’re doing it right now aren’t you? Yeah, same here.)

In the same way, drinking black coffee leads you to a world of wonderful flavours, methods and experiences. And it’s not just espresso. There’s pourover, Aeropress, cold drip, cold brew, batch brew, Chemex, plunger, stovetop & syphon. It’s the utility knife of the coffee world.

You can learn to love black coffee.
I mean really love it. And here’s a few ways to get started.


Pourover or V60:
This is a good place to start on your black coffee adventure. It’s gentle & easy to drink. The pourover method is essentially hot water poured over freshly ground coffee. With a tea-like profile, you can really appreciate the subtle flavours of the coffee. Try it on a single origin & ask your barista what flavours you should be looking for. This is also really easy to make at home! 

Long black or espresso:
This is my daily go-to coffee. A long black is something that must be respected. I think a lot of the reason why people are afraid to drink black coffee is because they have had a really bad one in the past. Your barista should put a little cold water in before they run the shot. That’s a game changer for sure. Try it on a single origin. And if you are hesitant, ask for a single shot. This makes it easier to drink.

P.s. when you are ordering an espresso, remember that there is no 'x' in espresso. Sorry to be obsessive, compulsive. But if we're going to do this, let's do it right. 

Cold Drip or Cold Brew:
The perfect summer beverage, these cold coffee methods are super easy to drink. Brewed over a number of hours, you can expect sweetness and familiar flavours like chocolate and liqueur. The cold extraction eliminates bitterness and acidity, making for a balanced, smooth coffee. Try it on ice or straight up. It’s perfect to take on summer road trips!

2. Practice makes perfect

Try different brewing methods until you find one that makes you happy on the inside. Don’t stop until you find your preferred brew. There’s a perfect coffee out there for you, so keep drinking. Remember that it is a progression. Maybe it’s even a case of switching to a piccolo latte or a long black with a side of milk/cream before you take the plunge and cut out milk all together.

3. Ask questions & whatever happens, just keep drinking

Ask your barista what they like to drink and some tips from them. Baristas everywhere will be happy to help you make the switch from milk-based coffee to black coffee. Because, just on the down low, we embrace people who want to try different brewing methods with us. Never forget that we are coffee nerds. We know you are too.

We love to chat about anything and everything coffee-related so feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on our tips to making pourover coffee at home.

In coffee we trust,


Laura Robertson