How to drink good coffee, maintain children & stay sane.


Too often "good coffee" and "kid-friendly" are not synonymous.

Your guide: How to drink good coffee, maintain children & stay sane.
Is it even possible?


As the wife of a serious coffee head, and a devout coffee convert myself, it’s natural to think back to my first experiences with coffee. Growing up as the eldest of 5, I remember seeing my Mum’s coffee & tea cups around the house, and they were always half empty. It was puzzling to me. Her coffee had gone cold. Why didn’t she drink it? Why did she continue to make it if she never got to drink it? Why did she forget to drink it? I never understood until I realised, I was the reason. Something had come between my dear mother and her coffee drinking experience. That something is called: Children. 

I’m now a mum of two beautiful, hilarious (occasionally demanding) children, and it's safe to say my coffee & dining experiences have changed somewhat. Over the last three years I've seen a certain alarming pattern emerge. **Parents, you know what I'm talking about before I even talk about it.**

When I had my firstborn, River, we had our little shop on Darby St, Newcastle, and we were there most mornings. For the first year of her life, we were mad cafe hoppers, always the first to suss out the latest coffee digs. Newcastle’s coffee revolution was experienced in full by the three of us. She would happily hang out with us while we drank our coffees, sitting on the ground, playing quietly. She would entertain our customers and staff with her cuteness.
Then she started walking. Suddenly, our cafe excursions became a little awkward.

Unpleasant, even.

Combine tired parents in need of a good coffee, plus a child intent on running away, yelling, and banging her toys on the floorboards. It equals pain. Emotional, mental, perhaps physical pain. It's a recipe for angsty baristas, upset customers, embarrassed parents & frustrated kids. Naturally, our cafe visits became less frequent. More planning was required for a successful coffee expedition. It became more about finding spots where River could run around and burn some energy. It became less about perusing my favourite homewares stores and trendy coffee nooks.

Soon after River started walking, I had my son, Abel. The chubbiest, chunkiest little man-child you ever did see. This kid was wild from the get go. Climbing, eating, slobbering, smashing, destroying, dismantling.. all the things. All the time.

Sleep is the only rest for this miniature human (and his parents.)

So wrapped up was I in my new season of motherhood, it took me a little while to realise a strange and truly terrifying fact:

I don't go to cafes anymore.

Unless I'm without my dear children.


er hem. excuse the caps. it’s been a while between cafe fixes. *call it first world problems*

Does anyone else find it REALLY hard to get a kid-friendly coffee? Like, one where you sit down and drink it from a cup that is ceramic?

I'm readily assured by other well-meaning parents that these years of craziness are just a ‘season’. Season or not, it is happening to me, and so many of my beautiful parent friends. Parents, we must unite forces and find creative and successful means of quality coffee consumption.

For the sanity of households and coffee society across the earth, we’ve put together a few tips below. If you have any secrets to achieving good quality, kid-friendly coffee experiences please let us know!! (double exclamation point for added desperation)

How to drink coffee & maintain parenthood of your small children:

1. Takeaway coffee.

This is your dear and faithful friend. We love grabbing a takeaway and heading to the park, it’s such a win! We drink the coffee and the kids play without breaking cafe equipment and costly wares. (They may break their faces, but that’s a story for another time.)


A few of my Newcastle favourites are: 
Common Circus
The Kiosk Newcastle Beach
Cafe Habitat

2. Grab a pourover set-up for home!

It’s really cost-effective and easy to use a brew kit at home. Check out the online store. There’s also a bunch of high-end, single group espresso machines for the more advanced home barista. 

3. Find your happy place.


Here’s a couple of kid-friendly spots around Newcastle that pour a decent cup:
Cafe Habitat,
Goodness Me Organics,
Fifi la Femme Westfield (near the kids play area).

4. DIY cold brew at home, or buy in bulk.

Our cold brew is delicious!

And the best part? It lasts 2 weeks in the fridge! Pop in your handbag & you can "mum" and drink goodness as you go.

Please let us know know if you know of any kid-friendly/good coffee spots.

Did we say that already?

Ah, yep. We did.

Parents of strong-willed, tiny people: we salute you.

Stay caffeinated.

Stay sane.

- Beth


Beth Gleeson

Our cold brew advocate, writer, resident ideas woman, and all round creative, Beth and her husband Chris help run the show at Glee Coffee Roasters. When Beth isn't making things happen for us at Glee Coffee, she is hanging out with her super cute kids, River and Abel and making music in her home studio in Newcastle.

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