How do you brew? Our V60 Guide

How do you brew?

How and why you should make a V60 at home

When it comes to making coffee at home, we often have a preconceived notion that it won’t be that great. You can sometimes feel like you have to spend a lot of money on equipment with little reward. Or perhaps it’s only good if we imagine George Clooney sitting in our lounge room with one of those ungodly Nespresso things. In which case, we would all fangirl a little bit. Ask him what he really thinks about Brad and Angelina splitting up, and then kindly ask him to sit down while we make him an actual coffee.

Hence, I have comprised a number of reasons why it is good to make coffee at your place.

And some tips on how to make your pourover taste really great. 

Reason #1:

If you make coffee at home, you don’t even have to put pants on.

Need I say more?

Reason #2:

It’s great for when you don’t want to leave the house or run out of time in the morning before work. And all the introverts said ‘Amen sista frand’.

Reason #3:

You can be your own boss. Experiment and adjust the method to suit you. It’s fun way to figure out what you like. There are no rules!

Reason #4:

When you go on road trips, you will be the most popular person in the group because you bring the coffee. With great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely, my friends.

Pourover tips. From us to you...

Step One: Get some gear

Here’s what we recommend to start you off on your home coffee adventure. 

  • Hario cone dripper
  • Filter papers
  • A set of good scales (we absolutely love the Acaia scales)
  • Hario V60 server
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Grinder, hand grinder is fine
  • Fresh beans of your choice - make sure it is filter roast. 

Step Two: Put the kettle on and sit pretty, mate

Heat the water to about 88-91 degrees (Celsius, we are Australians, mate)

Tip: Always heat the kettle before you grind the coffee. As soon as coffee is ground, it loses half it's flavour within minutes. Freshly ground coffee is always the best way.

Step Three: Grind grind grind

For a two cup serving, we used 33g of coffee, on a medium grind setting, with a yield of 400mL (approximately).
This is where you get to play around a bit. There’s no hard and fast rules, so find your happy place and go with it.

The great thing about using the Acaia scales and app is that you can record each setting so you know what you did for your last pourover & can make adjustments from there. How great is technology?!


Step four: pour it; pour it good

Pour away.
And enjoy!

Think you've got a rad home coffee set up? We would love to see it. Use #howdoyoubrew and tag @gleecoffeeroasters >> 

Stay caffeinated, 


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