The Boy and the Rose announce their second cafe: The Tame Fox

Luke and Georgia at their cafe, The Boy and the Rose, North Avoca. 

Luke and Georgia at their cafe, The Boy and the Rose, North Avoca. 

Romance and coffee seem to go hand in hand

And that certainly is the case for Luke and Georgia of the Boy & The Rose.

These two lovebirds are essentially couple goals. Like, actually couple goals.


It’s really cool being involved in the beginning stages of someone else’s dream. That’s one of the best parts of our job; seeing people form an idea and watch them actually make it happen. From figuring out how they want their cafe to look, what their menu will be, who they are going to hire and whether or not they will allow their staff to play Justin Bieber. These are the questions every good cafe owner must ask. And, in my humble opinion, Justin Bieber is ok. Others will disagree. And their opinion is wrong.

We are super stoked to watch this whole journey unfold once again as Luke and Georgia open a second cafe called The Tame Fox. Beginning in North Avoca, eighteen months ago, The Boy and the Rose have become an essential part of the Central Coast cafe scene. With a menu parading locally sourced produce and locally roasted coffee by some really funny, smart, good looking people (i.e. us), The Boy & the Rose bring all the Central Coast good vibes. And very soon that will be available for you at their new location in Erina.

So be sure to follow The Boy and the Rose & The Tame Fox for all the updates on their new location. We can’t wait.

Stay Caffeinated,