A Fazenda // 7 Senhoras // Brazil

A Fazenda // 7 Senhoras // Brazil

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Tasting notes:

Region: Cerrado Emeraldo, Brazil

Process: Natural

Altitude: 900-1000m

It’s comfortable. There’s something homely about this origin that makes you want to cosy up on the couch and watch Netflix for a really long time. And it gives you the stamina to do so.
With smooth malt flavours & rich macadamia undertones, the Brazil is the coffee equivalent of a really nice brandy, only it’s not frowned upon to drink it first thing in the morning. Its low acidity & well-balanced, full body means it tastes amazing with milk or served black.

If the Brazil were a movie it would be “Jerry Maguire”. Heartwarming, cheeky & reminiscent of Tom Cruise in his A-game. It really had us all at “hello”.